Mocktails, Nah

Alcohol-free, NOT non-alcoholic. Mocktails? No

It’s a subtle difference, but to us, they’re worlds apart. Call it semantics but we are strong advocates of the term ‘alcohol-free’ over ‘non-alcoholic’. As for ‘mocktails’ – fuck no.

Firstly & very importantly we want to state that any restaurant, bar, café, hotel, etc that puts effort into their alcohol-free menu – beyond a couple of juices and some soft drinks – are total legends. Full-stop. Those of us who are alcohol-free are supremely grateful & whatever they choose to name their list is cool with us. We‘re merely suggesting that ‘Alcohol-Free’ should be the gold standard.

So, then what’s our beef with the term ‘non-alcoholic’?

Well, it seems to imply that something is missing. The focus is on what’s NOT in it. It’s a lesser alternative. It’s a bit of a downer. Excuse my language (again) but fuck that.

In our opinion ‘Alcohol-free’ is a way more accurate description. It shifts the focus onto what is IN the drink, not what is NOT. It’s free of the boozy shackles but hasn’t lost its edge. It’s a positive choice that’s not going to hurt you tomorrow. It’s not a 2nd rate option because you have to drive or because you’re battling through doing Dry July, Octsober, Dry January or Booze-Free Quarter 3 (Is that one? I’ve lost track of these things).

Well made & expertly crafted ‘alcohol-free spirits’ should sit unapologetically next to their alcoholic brothers & sisters. Can I get an Amen up in here!?

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