Mixers & serving suggestions

So, you want to mix up ALTD Spirits, non-alcoholic goodness with some other cool stuff?

And you’re telling us that you’ve already tried our signature serving suggestion – the ALTD Martini?  

Good. We like you. You’re keen to try something different. Gotcha.


Keep things simple with either tonic water or a cold-pressed juice – like grapefruit. Just don’t skimp on the quality, especially with the Tonic – it’s un-Australian & there is no need for that these days.

Local Sydney legends, PS40 has a ‘Bush Tonic’ which is bang on for the Green Grocer. Strange Love has a Dirty Tonic which is awesome too. Try these. Be better than Schweppes.

With mixers, just don’t use too much. As per any good short drink – lots of ice, 30-40mls of spirit & a few splashes of the mixer.

Do you like pink grapefruit juice? Yeah, it’s fucking delicious, isn’t it. Try the Green Grocer with pink grapefruit juice & a mint garnish as they do at Saint Peter in Paddington.

Any good Tonic works with both our Green Grocer & Silver Princess alcohol-free spirits – check us out at Royale Specialty in Surry Hills.

Green Grocer & Tonic @ Royale Specialty. Surry Hills, Sydney.

Royale Specialty in Surry Hills is the first espresso bar devoted to serving only natural process coffee – I’m not sure what that means exactly but I do know for sure that it’s fucking delicious. You should go there and try it immediately.

They don’t just serve the business coffee either. The food menu follows through with locally sourced produce of the highest quality. The drinks menu is also the business.

1. In a rocks glass filled with ice
2. 30 ml Green Grocer
3. A few splashes of the finest tonics known to man, PS40 Bush Tonic in this case
4. Garnish the Green Grocer with a lemon, lime or grapefruit wedge (or the Silver Princess is best with Lime).

Royale Specialty – Surry Hills

We also highly recommend the Sparkling Hibiscus & Cascara Tea – which goes especially amazing when paired with the ALTD Silver Princess.

‘The Grocer’ @ Saint Peters, Paddington. Sydney

Saint Peter is an award-winning, 2 hat seafood restaurant in the heart of Paddington, Sydney. The Head Chef Josh Niland is killing it full stop.

The restaurant has literally won every award ever and trying to secure a reservation at late notice is about as easy as to do as getting one at Dorsia in late 1980.

Their sustainable approach and appreciation of Australian native produce marries up nicely with what we do here at ALTD Spirits.

1. In a rocks glass filled with ice

2. 30ml Green Grocer, alcohol-free spirit

3. Top with Pink Grapefruit juice

4. Garnish with a spring of mint & couple of lime wheel

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