Firstly, why?

We used to enjoy drinking alcohol. It was something we did quite regularly, and often with great enthusiasm. However, since giving it away we’ve found a distinct lack of options, particularly when it comes to socialising. Neither of us are big fans of sugar-loaded soft drinks, nor fruity-based mocktails, and that didn’t really leave much else. What we craved were the complex flavours that alcohol-based drinks provided. We wanted to taste something more sophisticated than mineral water, and we figured we weren’t alone.

Limited options aside, good health is a big part of why we created ALTD Spirits. We enjoy the benefits of being alcohol-free. It’s not our mission to persuade others to do the same. What we would like to do is present an alternative beverage for anyone, like ourselves, who may be considering rethinking their drinking. Even if just for that day. And for whatever the reason – whether it’s lifestyle choice, pregnancy, health, or cultural reasons – having a low, or no alcohol lifestyle shouldn’t mean you’re denied a nice drink at the end of the day.

So, just to confirm, there’s definitely no alcohol in these, right?

Yes. That is correct. We don’t use any alcohol in the distillation process whatsoever. From the Australian bush to bottle, we are 100% alcohol free.

Do the drinks contain any gluten?

No. All of our products are gluten-free and the Green Grocer is allergen-free. Our Silver Princess contains a small amount of stevia which can be an allergen for some people.

Are they suitable for vegans?

You talk about being ‘uniquely Australian’, what’s that all about? 
We are a proudly Australian-owned family business committed to authentic support of our country, its history and future through our ongoing support of other Australian small businesses in our supply chain.

Our drinks represent the tastes and the sounds of the Australian bush, our flavour inspiration comes directly from native flora. It seems a fitting dedication to name each drink after an Australian cicada. It’s their deafening drone that signifies the unmistakable sound of Summer.

Growing up when we did, collecting cicada-shells was a quest enjoyed by most kids. The ultimate challenge was to find the rarest, the most elusive ones.

Our drinks are made with utmost respect to the land and its original owners. All of the botanicals are Australian native or locally grown. Where possible we source our ingredients, including our premium spring water, from Indigenous suppliers.

Do I drink it straight up, or with mixers?
How much time do you have? You can drink it straight up, martini-style, or on the rocks with a twist of lime. Top it with tonic, or soda, or try it with a freshly made lemonade if you’re after a sugar hit. Warm it up, or add heaps of ice, serve it in a wine glass, a tumbler, or one of those hipster jars with a metal straw, if that’s your thing. Think of any alcohol-based drink you enjoy and, odds are, you can make something similar with one of our drinks. Except, without the hangover.

How long do ALTD Spirits keep for?
ALTD Spirits are best consumed within 12 months of batch date. Once opened, consume within 3 months (if it lasts that long). No need to refrigerate, just store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

How are these drinks made?
We distil only the freshest, local & native botanicals in traditional copper alembic stills. Over 20, carefully-selected ingredients are distilled individually in micro-batches and then mixed into our signature blends. To stay true to our mission – we don’t use any ‘natural’ extracts or flavour additives, only 100% fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients. The fresher and greener, the better.

What botanicals do you use?
Our flavours are governed by the seasons and the land. Our signature blends include myrtle leaves of lemon, cinnamon and honey, riberry, pepper berry, native thyme and strawberry gum. We enjoy experimenting with Australia’s botanicals and each of our drinks can vary from batch to batch as new ingredients become available. We don’t use any imported berries or spices. Ever.

What’s with the glass recycling?
South Australia has always had a refund available for the return of approved recyclable material. Recently, NSW started a similar initiative, ‘Return and Earn’ and we are proud to be accepted as registered suppliers. This means you can get a 10c refund when you return your empty ALTD Spirits glass to one of the recycle vending machines (located nearly everywhere). Yes, 10c isn’t a huge amount, however you have the option to donate your 10c to one of four charities including the Australian Red Cross, WIRES Wildlife Rescue, Clean Up Australia. All worthy causes. The more glass that gets returned, the more money to charity, you get the idea.

Do you support any charities?
Yes. We are beyond proud to donate a portion of every bottle sold to the Jimmy Little Foundation. We love what they are doing and hope that as we grow we can further assist them in their mission to promoting positive health and lifestyle choices in Indigenous communities. You can donate too. Go on, do it!

Where can I buy some?
You can order online right now and we’ll send them right to your door! Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll also keep you updated on stockists as arrangements are finalised.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. It’s a bit expensive though – sorry. The prices we have online are what the shipping costs – we don’t mark it up at all. We can likely do a better deal for larger orders so get in touch with us if that’s what you’re after – we’d love to hear from you. Beyond that we’re working on distribution deals across the globe so stay tuned.