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KAKADU x ALTD: Help up kickstart our drinks for a healthier future


In partnership with Ben Tyler from Kakadu Kitchen x ALTD Spirits, our Kickstarter campaign will launch in 2024 with a mission to create healthy, native cocktails while making a real impact on society.

Our social mission goes beyond just making drinks. We want to create positive change by building communities, sharing sober stories, hosting alcohol-free events, and partnering with retailers to make drinking non-alcoholic beverages a whole lot easier for everyone - from the outback to the city. 

We're scaling up our super popular 'An-marabula' (Native Peach) Bellini that sold out in just a few months, and introducing 6 new drinks over the course of the next 12 months, including a native mojito and a limited edition, white spiced non-alcoholic rum. The new native twist on the classic mojito is an alcohol-free blend of spiced rum with roasted AN-GULURRUDJ (coconut sand palm) and AN-BADEDDE (native almond), traditionally burnt and blended with an Australian molasses sugar mix, fresh lime, and mint.

We’ll also be making just 300 bottles of the native rum, signed by the community that helped forage and prepare the botanicals, as a standalone non-alcoholic spirit for the most discerning drinkers.

All our drinks are made with native ingredients ethically sourced from local communities, creating business and economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

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